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Bible of the Devil Concert Poster

Bible of the Devil

I created this for a design project.  It’s a concert poster for Bible of the Devil.  This isn’t the actual poster they used for their tour or anything, unfortunately.  You can check out the real one here.  They also used that design for their album, Freedom Metal.  I did create this poster based on their 2010 tour title, Parched in the Western World.

Bible of the Devil Concert Poster - Parched in the Western World

I created this in the Art Nouveau style.  If you don’t know, Bible of the Devil is a true rock n’ roll band from Chicago.  In their own words, their inspiration is Chicago and beer (I’m sure there’s some other helpful influences their not openly mentioning too).  Nice.  I incorporated this with the city silhouette and the woman holding a can of beer.  I used their idea of an Old Style can replaced with Ol’ Girl for the name.  It’s one of my favorite songs of theirs.  Check it out.  If you haven’t heard it, you’ll love it.  I also thought the beer can related to the parched title.  I designed the band name to flow from the hair.  I figured it should pay homage to the Art Nouveau style.  I also gave the lady horns.  Sweet, right?  She’s kind of new and edgy.  You know, I really tried to use some old ideas mixed with the new.  It’s kind of like the band itself.  You don’t really know what to expect.  You can hear a lot of old rock influences, but they really bring their own new style to it.  To sum it up, see (or hear) them play and they’ll for sure kick your butt.  Rock on guys.

In the Thick of It

Another new creation for you…

We sometimes think we are on a well-trodden path and abruptly come to realize we have just hit the thick of it.

In the Thick of It

Just for fun…

Michigan Postcard

It’s like those retro postcards.  All from real Michigan photographs.  The only thing that’s fake is the type.  😉

Only One

Another photo done…

Only One


“The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page.” – St. Augustine

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