A Lot Like Love

Cover of "A Lot Like Love (Widescreen Edi...

I will never get sick of watching this movie.  Sweet, cute and funny, with More


Neil Gaiman: Best Commencement Speech for the Arts, Ever

You Are What You Think You Are

Cover of "Willie Nelson: An Epic Life"I started thinking along the line that if you put your mind to something, you could do those things.  When you think positive about those things, you have a better chance of getting them done.  If you think you can’t do it, you won’t do it.  If you want something to happen, pretend it has already happened.

Willie Nelson in Willie Nelson: An Epic Life More


So, I know I’ve really been slacking on the posts lately.  I can’t help it.  I’ve fallen out with inspiration.  At least, in the graphic design area.  I’ve picked up crochet and macrame, recently.  That’s been taking up most of my evenings.  I know.  I’m totally geeking out.

Really, I haven’t felt like being on the computer for the amount of time it takes to create some good works.  Maybe once I get back in the groove, I’ll post some free frames.  As, it seems, that’s what people would like.  But, that won’t be all, as I don’t find frames very fulfilling.  I like doing it as a way to give.

Actually, I’ve been thinking how it would be really nice to start creating things to donate.  I haven’t looked far enough into this or done enough creations to start it out yet, but the idea is there.

Hopefully, I’ll be around more.  This intermission wasn’t intentional.

Big Fish — The Best Movie Ever

Big Fish

No argument will convince me that there is a movie anywhere that is better than Big Fish, (except maybe Alice in Wonderland).  It’s a Tim Burton film (surprise, surprise) from 2003.  It is also a novel written by Daniel Wallace in 1998.  By far, this film addresses everything you need to know about life.  There is loss.  The impending loss of a relationship you are still unsure of.  There is regret.  The unspoken kind.  There is love.  Pure, sweet love.  There are choices.  The kind that change the path your life is on or, alternatively, the life your path is on.


Vibrant Wood Pattern

These are some really wonderful nature pics. What gorgeous images and colors! Only nature can provide beauty like this (a good photographer doesn’t hurt).

Great work, Jeffrey!

Guitar Pedals, An Interactive Art Installation of 96 Guitar Effects Pedals by David Byrne

Interactive Art Installations

Interactive art installations, aren’t they awesome?  Of course they are!  Like this one: Guitar Pedals, An Interactive Art Installation of 96 Guitar Effects Pedals by David Byrne.

Even though I know nothing about guitar pedals (well, I know a little more now…), this is a great idea.  Anything that gets people interactive with art is (usually) a good thing.

Some more on music tomorrow…

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